Cookie Information

A cookie is a small text file or data file that is downloaded to your computer or device and stored there when you visit a website. These cookies will then be returned on each subsequent visit to the website that has set this cookie with you or to another website that recognizes and evaluates the cookie.
There are different types of cookies. These are categorized according to their type.

Category 1: Essential Cookies
These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website. This includes e.g. the use of a shopping cart in a shop or the storage of credentials when entering secure areas of a web site. If these cookies are not accepted by you, the website can not be used by you in the way intended.

Category 2: Performance cookies
This type of cookie is used to collect information about how the visitors of a website behave, which pages are accessed frequently, or e.g. which pages cause errors. However, the cookies DO NOT collect any information that identifies a visitor to a page. All collected information is aggregated and becomes anonymous. They are used to monitor how a website works.

Category 3: Functional Cookies
The type of cookies allows the website to remember settings that you have made – such as Your username, your language, your region – and thus provides extended personalized functionality when using the website. As an example, the website can show you your regional weather at the next call, if you have indicated your place of residence. These cookies can also remember changes in text size, color, etc., when customizable areas are made available on the website. These cookies are currently. anonymized and used to track your activity on the website.

Category 4: Use for targeted advertising
These cookies are used for the purpose of targeted advertising. If you e.g. “Buying a Car” search, you often get banners or advertisements on other websites with providers of vehicles. This information is collected and evaluated. These are collected anonymously – depending on the offer of the providers of promotional offers.

Manage your cookies
Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies. But you can change this behavior in all modern browsers. Either the rejection of cookies in general or e.g. only third-party cookies. However, changing these settings may affect the function of some websites, even leading to the complete suspension of the function.
Your choice to accept cookies means that you agree to visit our website without cookies being disabled. You are covered by our privacy policy.


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