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Hitwatch Limited


We are nerds, lawyers, designers and first of all we are people, who understand good marketing. SMEs, corporations or private individuals belong to our clientele – that is why we understand the requirement to be reliable partners in on- and offline marketing.
Flat hierachies and short communication paths characterize us.

You always have a personal contact for questions or problems.
Whether in the conception, in design questions or in the case of tricky IT matters – we almost always have a solution at hand.

For questions, wishes, trends and the latest developments, we stand by You as a team, because we are constantly qualifying ourself and we are in good hands with the latest techniques.
An advantage of us – a hit for you.

We are a team of experienced personalities, always with a smile and a lot of professionalism.
Whether private individuals, medium-sized companies or corporations, we know them all and are skilled in dealing with challenges of every kind.

Our credo is the fun of what we do. They will like us! Promised.

When professionals fall in love with a project, something convincing is usually created.
With the SEXIEST.EVER.MARKETING. – a combination of online and offline marketing – the IT specialists from ideetion and the brand managers of sturies.brandmanagement perfectly combine the real and digital world.
With the specialization in the field of SEO, SEM and SEA, webhosting and the evaluation of online appearances the “guys” of ideetion are in the black.
The whole around in the offline area are created by sturies.brandmanagement.
Starting with an idea is designed and structured. Which colours, typography, design or marketing form it should always be, here the goal is a hit.
Trust in the many years of expertise of ideetion and sturies.brandmanagement, which always corresponds to the spirit of the time.
Always expect the best and feel good with your marketing!




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