Kalf Creations

Kalf Creations specialize in the construction of Props, Sets, Experiential Marketing Pieces, Models for the TV, Film, Event, and Advertising industries, the interior design of your commercial office, garden, pubs, and bars. we are specialist signage.  We are not limited to providing business to business solutions, we also cater for unique home projects that allows us to be super creative. So if you would like a secret door in your room, a wine cellar, a pool/games room or special kitchen then Kalf Creations is the company for you.  We‚Äôre based in Ashbourne, Co. Meath but can service the entire country. We conduct all construction on-site and have state of the art equipment to complete your project. All of our staff are fully insured. We provide unique interior and exterior design for your project. Our expert staff knows where will fit the design. We make your livelihood much better, entertaining and interactive with our quality work.  Who Are We?  Kalf creations is one of best and oldest construction company in Ashbourne, co. meth. The company is owned and run by Paul Broderick who has over 15 years experience working on complex projects. Paul never sees any issues with a project no matter how complex they are. All he sees is an opportunity to solve problems and to make your project a reality. we have proven track records in delivering 100% successful projects across the country. We work on customized requirements client by client. Our innovative and highly technical staff help us to deliver our promise.  Our continued innovation and improvision techniques make us one of the best construction company in Ireland. our commitment towards architectural work makes us better which will brings smile and happiness on our customers face.  Have a question? Get in contact with us today! We love helping our customers.

+353 87 228 7464


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