Womms (word of mouth marketing solutions) is an advertising and marketing platform based in Sligo but with a nationwide presence thanks to our network of business development managers.   We are a group of serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in marketing, sales, design, advertising and a number of other business types.   Disillusioned with the outlandish costs and sometimes very poor performance on offer from the current batch of advertising and marketing solutions available, our goal was to create something new.   We wanted to give SMEs a marketing and advertising platform that performs much better than anything currently available, but with the caveat of being exceptionally cost effective. After exhaustive testing and research, we achieved this goal and Womms, the art of advertising without advertising was born.  A unique and exceptionally powerful platform Womms can be configured to work well with any type of business in any environment. From the long established business looking to increase growth to new starts looking for that spark to get them off the ground running.  From completely retail based outlets to solely online operations Womms can massively improve, sales, reputation, and the business‚Äôs potential. This is without exception.   Through our combined business experience in many sectors not only do we understand how to configure Womms efficiently to maximise your ROI, but we also understand business and all its nuances.  We consistently deliver results that see our clients sales, reputation and overall brand awareness improve.  Regardless of the challenge presented to us, our expertise coupled with the flexibility and power of Womms will always yield the best solution  Our customers are our most important asset, we strive to consistently deliver an impeccable, cost-effective service that benefits your business


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